:: Angela :: 23 :: Taken :: The Netherlands :: My TUMBLR LAYOUT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION; this one is temporarily :-) ~ still dont feel like making an layout :< sorry..

Love to watch TVshows (Almost everything from America and some UK) :: LOVES spoilers. When i lose faith in writers i just need them xD ::

I don't care who u ship. Even if its a ship i don't even ship i sometimes multiship; but if you respect me, i respect you ... and be nice :-) :: I'm to old for dumb teenage fights about ships, and polls and stuff.. Even though i sometimes enjoy them..haha. Love to talk about everything and share opinions :-)

Yes, i still watch Teen Shows and not ashamed!, my list for shows is TOOOO long. If you want to what i watch ofcourse theres tumblr but you can also ask :-)

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